ShaChat Update and other general stuff!

Well, since the last post, we’ve reached over 100 members in the Rockin WAVES Facebook group. Let me just say THANK YOU! Also, we have officially announced when we are starting the Holiday of Rockin 2013! To find out when we are starting it, go to the Facebook group. Also, we are debating (and more than likely it may not happen this year) but we are thinking about bringing back the Rockin WAVES 11294 Awards. If you remember back in 2011 when we were on Stickam, we did a type of awards show where we gave out “awards” to different viewers and just had a good time. Well, last year, we thought about it but ultimately shelved it due to not a lot of time to plan something like that. Well, this year, we are thinking about it but like I said, it’s a very SLIM chance that it will happen.

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In other news, lol. We are really enjoying our affiliation with ShaChat 🙂 It’s really has been an amazing journey thus far. We are also excited about the new website that’s coming soon. Oh, you didn’t hear? Well, ShaChat has decided to change their name due that when they started ShaChat it was marketed for a certain region but since they are no longer marketing for that region (or something like that), and due to users requests, they are changing to Uvlog. It is expected to be launched Monday and we are excited for it.

So, in a nutshell: this coming Monday (November 18th) ShaChat will become Uvlog, the Holiday of Rockin is coming soon and a 25% of the Rockin WAVES 11294 Awards happening.

That about does it 🙂 Thanks to everyone’s continuing support and expect other things to come! Until next time, KEEP ON ROCKIN!


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