Summer of Rockin 2019!

SOR 19 is underway! And we have some great programming in store! Be sure to check the schedule page for all the latest updates on shows and whatnot and we have a few specials also in store for the summer!

We have a NEW SHOW that’s airing on Rockin WAVES. It’s called A.F.T. Buzz. Its 1 hour of Arena Football Talk that is distributed by our friends at 920 W.O.N. The Apple. It’s a very interesting and informative show that I think you will enjoy! Give it a listen on Tuesdays at 6 PM right before the Tommy B. Show.

Also, this August marks 50 years since the Woodstock Music Festival. And we have a couple of special things in store for that weekend. It’s too early to unveil them now as it is still in the planning stages but I think you will enjoy what we have in store if the plans come to be. Just stay tuned to here and on our Facebook page for more information!

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has listened to Rockin WAVES. It truly means a lot and the support we get from you guys on our Facebook posts and those of you who send me an email telling me that all of us are doing a great job, makes all the hard work worthwhile. I can promise you that we will continue working hard for you guys to make this station your favorite station for years to come!

Well, that about does it for the update. Time to work on some graphics for SOR. Thanks for reading and as always, keep on Rockin!