Big Announcement!!

WOW! What a difference a few days make! Well, lots of things happening here at Rockin WAVES 11294!

Well, for one, ever since we launched the Audio Only feed, we have been getting requests for us to make it to where Android users and other phone users can listen on TuneIn without needing a custom URL, well we have that now, if you search “Rockin WAVES” in TuneIn, we are now listed and you can listen to us thru TuneIn when the Audio Only is live 🙂

Also, the launch of the Summer of Rockin is being moved, to next Saturday (May 9th). I know! I’m crazy. But, figured people have been asking if there is a way to reopen the beach any sooner and I decided, ok, next Saturday it is. So next Saturday, Rockin WAVES 11294’s Summer of Rockin 2015 will officially kickoff! Hope to see yall there!

That does it for the update. More to come!