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Rockin WAVES 11294 started in March 2008 by Chris Rogers on Ubroadcast.com. Not many people attended the first broadcast because Ubroadcast required you to download a special player for it which turned alot of potential listeners off. In March 2009, Chris finally got the equipment needed to move off Ubroadcast and move to BlogTV.com which he would simulcast on both Ubroadcast and BlogTV until Ubroadcast closed in June 2009.

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In the summer of 2008, Chris started what would become a tradition on Rockin WAVES. The Summer of Rockin which turned into the biggest sweeps period of Rockin WAVES and continues to this day.

In fall 2009, Rockin WAVES held it’s first 12 hour marathon which was successful and continued with sporadic marathons until Fall 2011.

In June 2010, Chris was unable to continue Rockin WAVES due to a much needed vacation. So for one month, Chris handed control of the station to Billy Coore who kept Rockin WAVES on the air while Chris was absent.

In July 2010, Chris and Billy started something that continues to this day called The Nick Tribute Show (now called Nickelodeon Takes Over Rockin WAVES) which started as a special weekend of 90s Nickelodeon four times a year and still continues sporadically.

In Fall 2010, Rockin WAVES would begin a weekly series on Saturday night’s called “The Saturday Night Late Night Show” where Chris would do comedy sketches much to the chagrin of Billy. It continued until Fall 2012.

In 2011, BlogTV suddenly banned Rockin WAVES from it’s website and Rockin WAVES, then moved to Stickam.com, where it enjoyed a 5 month run before moving back to BlogTV in March 2012.

In January 2013, Stickam announced that it was closing. So Rockin WAVES decided to move back to Stickam for one night only to bid it farewell. At the time, the DJ’s at Rockin WAVES thought BlogTV would continue. Little did they know something was about to change.

In February 2013, Rockin WAVES became a “network” by adding DJ’s to the lineup!

In March 2013, Rockin WAVES had a bombshell dropped when BlogTV announced that they were closing on March 27th at Midnight and would cease to exist. During the last week of BlogTV, DJs did their final shows on BlogTV. While during that we were searching for a new streaming website. Originally, VaughnLive was the prime choice for Rockin’ WAVES, but sadly, due to a disagreement between the moderators of the site and Rockin WAVES, we decided not to go with them and instead went with Ustream.

Also in early April 2013, Rockin WAVES finally got its own website. For a short time, viewers were able to watch Rockin WAVES on the website instead of the streaming site thanks to the embedded player. In late 2014, we switched to a site that doesn’t have an embedded player right now but it is in development.

In late June/early July 2013, Ustream was having too many issues so we decided to discontinue our Ustream feed and go with Vaughnlive and keep the Ustream chat up. In the same month, Rockin WAVES started experimentally simulcasting on both Vaughnlive and Justin TV.

In September 2013, Rockin WAVES was forced to change sites due to continuing problems on VaughnLive.

A new site called Uvlog called their name we broadcasted there for about 6 months until we went BACK to VaughnLive.

In January 2014, we started simulcasting on JustCast where we enjoyed a 10 month run there before we left there permanently in November 2014.

In August 2014, VaughnLive underwent some changes and we were unable to continue broadcasting there so we left VaughnLive for good and we started broadcasting on JustCast and Ustream.

Like previously mentioned, in November 2014, we left JustCast and went to iVlog which became our new flagship site. We simulcast right now on iVlog and the Audio Only.

Also that month, Rockin WAVES launched an Audio Only feed through Shoutcast.

In 2015, we took Rockin WAVES even further and we started streaming our Audio Only on TuneIn so now people on the go can listen to great music wherever they are!

In late 2015, Rockin WAVES revamped their lineup and added more DJ’s to the lineup.

In March 2018, Rockin WAVES celebrated their 10 year anniversary.

There are many people that we have to thank to get us where we are. But you know what they say, if we try to list the names, we are sure to leave someone out. So, to avoid that, we just want to thank YOU the listeners, viewers, and visitors!

Rockin WAVES has basically become a mainstay in internet radio and will continue to be on the air for years to come!

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