Song Review!

Not often, do I hear a song that garners a review like this but this song kind of inspired me to do just that. Which is why, I’m going to make an effort whenever I can that when a certain song gets released, I will try to review it and give a rating on the song. So, anyways, on with today’s review. If you are friends with me on Facebook, you will no doubt have seen my post in length about the new rap of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles called, “Shell Shock”. Ok, just the title of the song itself, seriously? It just spells disaster. I listened to the song and those are 3 and a half minutes of my life I cannot get back now because I listened to a pile of junk. I didn’t know if I was listening to a song from the new TMNT movie or a Justin Bieber song and the artists chosen to perform the song, seriously? Now, because of the franchise title, the movie will be successful, it will probably be at the top of the box office opening weekend, but the song will probably make a few people ask for their money back! That’s why I think they should’ve just used the theme from the 80s animated series and not do any remixing of it of any kind just use the theme song as is 🙂 Then I would probably spend my hard earned money on going to see the movie but with that song “Shell Shock” staying in the movie?!?!? Well, I now see my hard-earned money going toward something more constructive 🙂 So that’s one advantage of the movie having a crappy song in it, it will save people money and for that, that’s the ONLY reason why I give it the official Rockin’ Rating of:


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