New Year, New Shows!

Happy 2024! Hope 2024 is starting great for yall! We are making some big changes here at the Rockin WAVES Radio Network. We removed a couple of shows, moved a show around, and currently adding new shows to our lineup!

First, the shows we have discontinued airing:
After 8 years, we have decided to say goodbye to Outlaw Radio. We would like to thank Bad Billy for providing a great show for the past 8 years. We wish him the best of luck on everything! In addition to Outlaw Radio leaving, we have decided to also discontinue airing The DJ Parker Show. We want to thank Jacob Parker for providing great shows throughout the past 7 years. We wish him the best of luck with everything in the future.

With us removing a couple of shows, we have decided to move Pat Gwinn At the Beach to Sunday mornings at 11 AM from Saturday afternoons. Right now, we are currently looking at a couple of shows to air in the Saturday afternoon slot formerly held by Pat Gwinn.

Also, people have emailed me and asked me what has happened to Hippie Happenings, Natalie has decided to put her show on hiatus right now and we have decided to keep her slot open. We are right now airing something called “What’s New This Week” where we air some new music that we have added to our automation in the past few weeks. We look forward to Natalie returning whenever she is ready.

That about does it for the update right now. Thanks to everyone for listening we greatly appreciate it! Keep on Rockin!