2018 is THE YEAR

Wow, well, 2018. Thought we would never make it and yet here we are getting ready to celebrate our 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!

First off, hope everyone had a great holiday and I hope your 2018 has gotten off to a great start! Some updates to tell yall about!

We are now listed on another streaming site! It’s called internet-radio.com and to listen there, all you do is search: Rockin WAVES and we’ll come up. Now we are still being streamed on TuneIn and AudioRealm so don’t worry, none of those are going away.

We are excited for some of the things that are coming up for Rockin WAVES and I can’t wait to see all these things come to fruition. I know I make a big deal out of some of the things I talk about, but, I never dreamed we would have grown and be like we are today. All of this started from a small laptop (less than 200 GB harddrive!) in my parents’ dining room.

Unfortunately, I know that I said earlier I was gonna try like hell to get t-shirts made for the 10 year anniversary. Unfortunately, that won’t be happening due to funds and prices to get t-shirts made and shipped being way too high. I went to some local vendors and even looked at vendors online and saw the quote they gave me and I basically started laughing. Unbelievable. So unfortunately, we won’t have t-shirts for the 10 year anniversary unless you want to make your own by taking a sharpie marker to a white t-shirt, then go ahead and knock yourself out 😛

Finally, with this year being the 10th year on the air, we will be having some special programming going on throughout the year so be sure to keep tuned to us and check the Facebook page for all the latest updates!

Thanks for listening and as always, keep on rockin!