Chat Room No More

After testing a few things and trying the chatroom to work in other browsers, I’ve decided to pull the Discord chat from the website since it was not working and it was flash (which they are discontinuing which I think is the most idiotic decision ever made). I want to thank Matthew Hallsted for helping me get the Discord chat set up and posted on the website. It was very helpful and I greatly appreciate his help.

Right now, we will not be having a chatroom on the website. However, there are ways you can still chat with us in real time on our shows. We have our Facebook page where some of the shows may post links to their own chatrooms, and some of us also have iVlog pages where you can chat with us AND SEE us!

Again, thanks to everyone to helped us test and set up the Discord chat. It was fun while it lasted!

In the meantime, we are still going strong with The Summer of Rockin’! Also, in about 2 weeks, we are excited to have a special guest on one of the shows! Who is it? You’ll have to tune in to find out! Keep watching this and our Facebook page for more info!

Keep on Rockin!