December 2017 Updates!

Hey everyone! First off, Merry Christmas! (Not Happy Holidays :P) and hope everyone is having a great holiday season and is enjoying the holiday programming on Rockin WAVES! Believe me, we have more on the way 🙂

– First off, in the past couple of months we have had 3 shows join the Rockin WAVES Lineup with 2 of those shows starting this week!
– The Tommy B Show airs every Wednesday at 10 PM and is hosted by another ABS Alumni (we seem to bring on board a lot of ABS alumni :P).
And starting this week:
– The Locked and Loaded Radio show starts this Wednesday at 6 PM and goes until 8 PM!
– The Musical Mayhem returns to the airwaves this Saturday at 7 PM and goes until 1 AM when DJ Parker does his late night show.

In addition to that, personally, Chris After Dark and FNR are both doing great! We are getting a lot of listeners and FNR is especially growing in audience as we are now replayed on 4 other radio stations in addition to Rockin WAVES (which would bring it to 5) and we are currently talking with another station on getting it replayed there as well.

Also, we are making plans to have the 24 Hour and Some Change Christmas Music Marathon once again this year. Details on that to come later.

And now, some other changes that have been made to the website. Recently, TinyChat has made some changes to their layout and the chatroom looks like it was designed by a 2-year-old. So, we have removed the TinyChat chat and are no longer using it. However, we are looking at alternatives and looking for another chatroom. So keep checking back!

Also, some New Year’s Programming, on that note, we are hosting the New Year’s SDP Bash this year on Rockin WAVES. It runs from December 31st thru January 1st and will feature different people of the SDP Network. Expect a list of people participating later this month closer to the date.

Well, that about does it for right now. If I don’t post again before Christmas, may I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and keep Tuned in! 2018 marks our 10th year on the air, and we have BIG things in store! What are they? Well, you have to keep tuned in to find out!

Keep on Rockin!