Rockin WAVES Update (FINALLY!) – April 2019

WOW! Well, alot has happened in 4 months! Let’s get to it!

FIRST OFF, the DJ Bio page is up and available for viewing! So if you want to find out more about some of the DJ’s you are hearing on Rockin WAVES, there you go.

We have also added some new shows since the last update!

We added this show I believe back in October and until now, I noticed we never gave it a proper welcome to Rockin WAVES, so I would like to rectify that by welcoming One Nostalgic Weekend to the Rockin WAVES lineup! You can hear them every Saturday at 4 PM.

Also, back last year, we for a short time, had a show called Prime Time With The Iceman. Well, we have since stopped carrying it but The Iceman is still heard on Rockin WAVES! You can hear The Iceman’s 150 Show! Hearing great songs from the 70s and 80s every Wednesday night at 9 PM immediately following The Charles Richardson Show.


We have added another show to Saturdays on Rockin WAVES. Every Saturday at 1:30 PM, you can hear The Retro 80s Weekend With Dean!

Also, coming soon, probably either around June or August, we are going to be revamping the schedule again. There will be some shows that will be removed and some that will be changed around. Sort of like what happened last year at the fall schedule unveiling. There will be more info on that as we get closer.

As always, Keep on Rockin!