Update August 2014

Well, we are in the month of August and the Summer of Rockin is winding down. Wow where has the summer gone? Well, this summer has been a good summer it’s been full of surprises! Currently, we are doing some summer cleaning around the website and getting it prepped to host the All Star Show that will be held at the end of August 🙂 Now you are probably wondering, why can’t we see the All Star Show page yet? Well, it’s a secret 😛 but anyways, we are going to be taking down our VaughnLive feed page due to the fact that after August 9th, we will no longer be affiliated with VaughnLive due to a few issues that we are having with them. We will be available on JustCast after August 9th. So for Rockin WAVES, it will be available on JustCast. Well, that about does it for the update, like I said, not alot going on and we are just trucking! So, in the meantime, if you are on the beach, ROLL YOUR BOD! And Keep on Rockin!