Happy New Year Rockin WAVES!

We are in 2015! Where’s my hoverboard? Well, anyways, here we are 2015! Everything right now is doing alright we have some plans in the works that hopefully will come to fruition but have yet to be seen.

– Websites: As you know we have left JustCast and have gone to iVlog. We are finding great success on iVlog and hopefully will be moving the shows there FULL TIME soon. It’s a slow transition right now.

– Audio Only: We have had success with the audio only section of the site and people are enjoying the music heard on there! We will be expanding the playlist more soon adding more songs to the playlist and whatnot.

I meant to make a blog post about the audio only section of the website. But oh well, better late then never I guess 😛

The audio only section was launched back in November and we have had success with it during the holiday season. We aren’t 24 hours yet but hopefully with a little bit of luck, soon we will be.

Well that does it for the updates. More to come as we go! Have a great year in the meantime!