Updates (and boy is it an update!)

Hey everyone! Well, it’s almost April! Can you believe it? Well, since November, there has been some updates and boy have there been some! We have new shows, show changes, and more! Let’s get to it!

First, show changes. The popular show Hippie Happenings has changed days and is now airing Saturdays at 5 PM. She goes until 7 PM (sometimes even later!) and she will still be bringing you great music to jam out to!

On Sundays, DJ Jacob Parker has decided to shorten his show to 2 hours from 3 hours. He will still start at the same time, Sundays at 11 AM and will go until 1 PM.

Usually right after the AT40 Time Machine, we air music from the year that that week’s countdown was from, we have decided to stop doing that and the show will end when the countdown ends.

Now for the new shows!

As I’ve said before, Sundays is usually our busiest day on Rockin WAVES! With shows happening starting at 8 AM and going until 12:15 (or so). And usually, when a show leaves Sundays on Rockin WAVES (which is a rarity), there’s always a new show to take it’s place! And when Jacob shortened his show to 2 hours, we had an hour to fill and we didn’t have to wait long!

We would like to welcome Mike Kennedy to the Rockin WAVES family! His show Welsh Connections will air Sundays at 1 PM. A full hour of music from overseas and bringing the independent artists from overseas to light and giving them airplay. Be sure to check out his show! It is awesome!

By the way, We have finally decided to air a daily lunchtime show! Every weekday at 12 PM, you will get a full hour of 70s music! We call it the All 70s Diner! Playing great 70s songs that you remember while you eat!

Also, in case I didn’t update yall since last time, we have decided to expand the 60s Superhighway to 5 days a week! That’s right. Monday-Friday, you can drive home to the best 60s music! Be sure to check it out next time you are caught in a rush hour traffic jam!

One more new show to tell you about! This, we haven’t even announced on the Rockin WAVES Facebook page yet (but by the time you read this post, it will already have been announced). Starting Monday, April 5th, at 3 PM, we will be bringing you a show called The Grooveline. It’s a 2 hour soul show featuring Ryan Doran. He plays the A sides, B sides, rare cuts, & listener request. Be sure to check him out!

Now for some other news
I guess the biggest thing is I am now married! Yep, February 6th, 2021, I tied the knot and me and Mary are now married. We have settled into our home in Georgia and she is now a permanent co-host on both of the shows. The shows are still the same except for one name change. Chris After Dark is now Chris And Mary After Dark (After Dark or CAMAD for short). The time is still the same! After Dark starts at 8:30 Thursdays, and The Renegade Show is from 10 PM – 1 AM Friday nights/Saturday mornings.

Also, our studios have moved! We are still in the same house as before, we are just in a different room. We have much more space and it is more efficient then before. For one, we have room to put stuff now, and we have room to move around, and Mary doesn’t have to sit on a bed anymore! I plan to do a Facebook live soon and give you a studio tour soon.

Well, that about does it for the updates. Be sure to check out our Facebook! and give the page a like and follow so you’ll stay in the loop on everything that happens! Until next time, keep on rockin!