New Year, New Shows!

Happy 2024! Hope 2024 is starting great for yall! We are making some big changes here at the Rockin WAVES Radio Network. We removed a couple of shows, moved a show around, and currently adding new shows to our lineup!

First, the shows we have discontinued airing:
After 8 years, we have decided to say goodbye to Outlaw Radio. We would like to thank Bad Billy for providing a great show for the past 8 years. We wish him the best of luck on everything! In addition to Outlaw Radio leaving, we have decided to also discontinue airing The DJ Parker Show. We want to thank Jacob Parker for providing great shows throughout the past 7 years. We wish him the best of luck with everything in the future.

With us removing a couple of shows, we have decided to move Pat Gwinn At the Beach to Sunday mornings at 11 AM from Saturday afternoons. Right now, we are currently looking at a couple of shows to air in the Saturday afternoon slot formerly held by Pat Gwinn.

Also, people have emailed me and asked me what has happened to Hippie Happenings, Natalie has decided to put her show on hiatus right now and we have decided to keep her slot open. We are right now airing something called “What’s New This Week” where we air some new music that we have added to our automation in the past few weeks. We look forward to Natalie returning whenever she is ready.

That about does it for the update right now. Thanks to everyone for listening we greatly appreciate it! Keep on Rockin!


FINALLY A new post!

Well, well, well, been a bit hasn’t it? (Like 14 months). Sorry it’s taken this long folks. With work and everything, it gets busy around here. Not much to update on except we want to welcome back The Charles Richardson Show back to our airwaves!

Also, the website will be undergoing an overhaul soon. Not sure the timeframe yet but if you come to the site and it’s down, that’s why. We are going to be doing some updates to the site to make it more durable and less prone to outages. Again, not sure about the timeframe but we will try to let you know via our social media pages.

Really, the Rockin WAVES FB is the best place to get website updates and schedule updates as they happen. If you aren’t following us yet, click here.

Also, if you noticed when you click contact us and it takes you to a page that also has a link for guidelines for music submission or show submission, if you are looking to submit a show or song for airplay at Rockin WAVES, please take some time and read the guidelines. And, I mention it on the guidelines page but I’ll also mention it here, if it takes a while for us to play your song, please know, we got ALOT of music in each week and it takes us some time to play each song. Right now, the wait list is about 3 months. HOWEVER, if it’s a time sensitive song (e.g. Christmas, Halloween) then we will “fast track” it and play it as soon as we can. Just give us some time. We will also do our best to let you know when we will be playing your song.

That about does it for right now. We are heading into the holidays so as you know, it gets busy around here. Thanks for listening, and as always, KEEP ON ROCKIN!


Long Time No Post!

I know right? Really it’s been a bit. A few updates to bring your way!

The show that we have talked about for over 2 years finally launched back in July. On Tuesdays and Fridays, it’s Good Time Afternoons. 4 hours of all oldies all afternoon. And what’s great is the songs are songs that were in the Top 40! So on Tuesdays and Fridays, you will hear songs from 1955-1979!

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, it’s Throwback Afternoons! We will be playing songs from 1980-1997 (each year we will be moving further and further into the 90s) and like Good Time Afternoons, all songs that are played are songs that were in the top 40!

It took 2 years of looking up each and every song we have in our database but we did it and the show is now live each week! We are super excited and hope you enjoy the show!

Also, Nate is back! A few years ago, we had a DJ named Nate who did the Naterade Random Music Show. Well, he’s back! He will be bringing you great music and whatever else each Tuesday from 11 AM to 1 PM. Hope you check it out!


The Beth Williams Songwriter Show is coming to an end. We recently got word that she will be ending her show with a final show this week on September 15th. We would like to thank her for her contribution to Rockin WAVES in the time she did her show.

We would like to announce however, that with Beth’s show ending, a new show will be taking over her timeslot starting the following week (September 22nd). We are bringing you SMR Radio! It’s a weekly 90 minute punk music show that has gained quite a following and will now be broadcasting on the Rockin WAVES Radio Network each Thursday starting September 22nd at 7 PM just before Chris and Mary After Dark! We hope you will tune in and enjoy it!

Well, that’s about all I can think of in way of updates right now. We would like to thank you for listening and keep on rockin!

We are now in 2022!

WOW! 8 months since our last post! Well, I don’t have much to update on. Oh who am I kidding, yeah I do.

We got some new shows in our lineup since July. 2 in particular are Dan Sweeney’s #1 Music which airs Monday afternoons right before The Grooveline, and a new show that will be starting March 21st at 8 PM, JJ Kane will be presenting the Quite Great Radio Show! We know that you’ll enjoy it if you give it a chance so, give the new shows a listen! And if you like it, tell your friends!

There are also 2 more shows that are in the works but we are still working out a few kinks with it. I know what your thinking, “Chris, you’ve been saying that for over a year!” I know! But, you’ll be glad with the results when the shows finally premiere!

Also, starting Monday, March 14th, we will be bringing back something we haven’t done since 2019. Rockin WAVES Spring Break. That’s right folks! We are bringing Spring Break back and we can’t be more stoked! We have a great feeling that this is going to be an awesome year for redemption and we can’t wait to present it to you!

In addition to Spring Break returning, we are getting ready to celebrate our 14th year on the air! Can you believe it? 14 years! I guess we should start planning our 15th….maybe we’ll finally get those t-shirts made that we’ve been promising since 2018….

Anyway, that’s about all I can think of to update yall about. The station is doing great, we are still constantly adding music to our database which is good because you now get more variety and I can safely say this, you will NOT hear the same song twice in a 12 hour period. You can be assured of that!

Till next update, keep on rockin!

We Are Having Chicken?!?!

Ok not really.

But! We do have updates to tell you about!

We got 2 new shows coming to the Rockin WAVES Radio Network to tell you about!

Starting Thursdays at 7:30 (right before After Dark) we will be airing Beth Williams Indie Americana Songwriter Show. Beth Williams who is a singer/songwriter herself showcases songwriters from Colorado and Texas each week and I’m sure you will enjoy her show! Be looking for that every Thursday at 7:30 PM Eastern starting July 29th.

There is another syndicated show that we will start airing soon that I am not going to tell yall about at the moment. Once we get all the details ironed out, I will let yall know.

Also, 2 other in house shows will be starting soon…It’s the shows that I mentioned a few months ago. Once again, I can’t go into detail about them because we are still ironing out all the details and such but we will let you know everything in time (hopefully).

Well, that’s about it for the updates. Be sure to keep tuned in for another post (hopefully later this week) for info on the new show coming. Be sure to tell your friends about Rockin WAVES and keep on Rockin!


Summer of Rockin 21!

Can you believe we made it to summer? Wow. Well, just like that, It’s the 14th annual Summer of Rockin! Hard to believe that we’ve been doing this for 14 summers! And we have yall to thank for it’s success! We have a few show updates to bring you and some site updates so here we go!

Show updates:
– The Sunday lineup has received quite a shakeup lately! Right now Sunday Morning Gospel which aired after Christian Music Spotlight now airs before right after Outlaw Radio at 6 AM. Christian Music Spotlight still airs at 8 AM. At 9 AM, the Mike Ward Radio Show now airs in that timeslot. Then at 2 PM, we have Hippie Happenings moving from Saturday to Sunday afternoon. We hope you will tune in for it!

– Recently, we have added a 70s lunch hour to the lineup. Well, we are also going to be adding an oldies and classic hits specialty block of music at some point. We are currently in the process of setting it up and giving it a timeslot. We will have more information on it once we have it ready to launch.

Site updates:
– We now have a contact us tab where you can read how you can get your own show on Rockin WAVES, submit music to us or just drop us a line!
– At some point, in the near future, we will be launching a new Home Page where you will be able to link up to different sections of the website, and with that…
– We have decided to remove the links page since when we do launch the new Home Page, the links page will be a moot point.

Well, that about does it for the updates. Stay tuned because more things are coming in the near future! In the meantime, thanks for listening, and keep on rockin!

Updates (and boy is it an update!)

Hey everyone! Well, it’s almost April! Can you believe it? Well, since November, there has been some updates and boy have there been some! We have new shows, show changes, and more! Let’s get to it!

First, show changes. The popular show Hippie Happenings has changed days and is now airing Saturdays at 5 PM. She goes until 7 PM (sometimes even later!) and she will still be bringing you great music to jam out to!

On Sundays, DJ Jacob Parker has decided to shorten his show to 2 hours from 3 hours. He will still start at the same time, Sundays at 11 AM and will go until 1 PM.

Usually right after the AT40 Time Machine, we air music from the year that that week’s countdown was from, we have decided to stop doing that and the show will end when the countdown ends.

Now for the new shows!

As I’ve said before, Sundays is usually our busiest day on Rockin WAVES! With shows happening starting at 8 AM and going until 12:15 (or so). And usually, when a show leaves Sundays on Rockin WAVES (which is a rarity), there’s always a new show to take it’s place! And when Jacob shortened his show to 2 hours, we had an hour to fill and we didn’t have to wait long!

We would like to welcome Mike Kennedy to the Rockin WAVES family! His show Welsh Connections will air Sundays at 1 PM. A full hour of music from overseas and bringing the independent artists from overseas to light and giving them airplay. Be sure to check out his show! It is awesome!

By the way, We have finally decided to air a daily lunchtime show! Every weekday at 12 PM, you will get a full hour of 70s music! We call it the All 70s Diner! Playing great 70s songs that you remember while you eat!

Also, in case I didn’t update yall since last time, we have decided to expand the 60s Superhighway to 5 days a week! That’s right. Monday-Friday, you can drive home to the best 60s music! Be sure to check it out next time you are caught in a rush hour traffic jam!

One more new show to tell you about! This, we haven’t even announced on the Rockin WAVES Facebook page yet (but by the time you read this post, it will already have been announced). Starting Monday, April 5th, at 3 PM, we will be bringing you a show called The Grooveline. It’s a 2 hour soul show featuring Ryan Doran. He plays the A sides, B sides, rare cuts, & listener request. Be sure to check him out!

Now for some other news
I guess the biggest thing is I am now married! Yep, February 6th, 2021, I tied the knot and me and Mary are now married. We have settled into our home in Georgia and she is now a permanent co-host on both of the shows. The shows are still the same except for one name change. Chris After Dark is now Chris And Mary After Dark (After Dark or CAMAD for short). The time is still the same! After Dark starts at 8:30 Thursdays, and The Renegade Show is from 10 PM – 1 AM Friday nights/Saturday mornings.

Also, our studios have moved! We are still in the same house as before, we are just in a different room. We have much more space and it is more efficient then before. For one, we have room to put stuff now, and we have room to move around, and Mary doesn’t have to sit on a bed anymore! I plan to do a Facebook live soon and give you a studio tour soon.

Well, that about does it for the updates. Be sure to check out our Facebook! and give the page a like and follow so you’ll stay in the loop on everything that happens! Until next time, keep on rockin!

7 Months Since An Update??

WOW! Has it really been 7 months since I’ve made a post on here? Looks like it has. I want to say first, sorry for the lack of updates. With this pandemic going, you’d think I’d have more time on my hands. I have anything BUT time. To be honest, I’ve been busy with making wedding plans, getting things squared away with that, working on ideas for the new studio (more on that later), all while still working full-time from home.

I mean, I have enjoyed working from home, don’t get me wrong. But, I will be SO GLAD when this pandemic is over and we can get back to some sense of normalcy. Even though we won’t have that for a long time. We will probably be feeling the effects of the pandemic for a while.

The Summer of Rockin’ was a success as usual and this year, we did something different. We didn’t have SOR20. We continued SOR19! That’s right. Since this year was really a crap year, we didn’t want to give the year anymore recognition (that and I was too lazy to make new graphics) so we reused the SOR graphics from last year and just continued SOR19 where we left off last year. The listeners and viewers seemed to enjoy that.

Our Facebook page has really been getting a lot of action there especially in the way of me doing live streams often when I would be going on walks during the day (which I plan to resume doing by the way), and I would just talk to yall and answer any questions and fill yall in with programming notes and what not.

Speaking of programming, WOW we have some NEW PROGRAMMING to tell you about!

First off, on Saturdays, we have switched around some programming and added a new show to the lineup! We first moved Retro 80s Weekend an hour earlier so we are now airing it from 12 PM to 2:30 PM. Then, at 3 PM, we are airing a new show to Rockin WAVES! This show comes from Pat Gwinn who brings you 2 hours of beach music each week! It’s called Pat Gwinn At The Beach! Be sure to check him out every Saturday at 3 PM!

Secondly, on Wednesdays, we are really excited about this show coming to Rockin WAVES! As you may or may not know, I was in college radio back in the day. To this day, I still keep up with the college radio station, and there was a show that I started listening to called Hippie Happenings. And, I got hooked. I enjoyed the music, the stories that were told, and the host is just all around awesome. Unfortunately, when COVID-19 hit, she had to end her show on the college radio station early, she was a little depressed about not being able to give her show a proper sendoff. Well, I messaged her one night, and asked if she would be interested in bringing her show to Rockin WAVES and not only do a final show, but KEEP DOING HER SHOW! She messaged me the next day and she gave me an enthusiastic YES! So, that began a month of helping her get things ready and in late May, she made her debut on Rockin WAVES. I am so proud of what she has done and I’m sure she is going to soar to new heights. By the way, did I mention her name is Natalie? Yep. It’s Hippie Happenings with Natalie Rae and you can catch her show on Wednesdays at 5 PM.

Finally, we are about to kick off the Holiday of Rockin’ 2020 which means we will be going from the Decades section of Shoutcast to the Holiday section. So be on the lookout, if you try to connect to the audio only (via winamp, windows media player, vlc, realplayer, etc.) and you can’t it’s probably because the Shoutcast ID changed and I need to change a few things on the website. If that happens, just simply message me on Facebook and let me know!

Well, that about does it for the update. In case I don’t talk to yall again before Christmas, may you have a wonderful holiday season, and don’t worry, we have some exciting Holiday programming coming so, most likely, I’ll be talking to yall again soon. Keep checking back for updates and as always…

Keep on Rockin’!


Changes To The Website – 4/28/20

Alright, well, after some consideration and thought, we have changed the front page around so when you first come to the Rockin WAVES website, you’ll go directly to the Listen Live page instead of the Blog. You will still be able to access the blog by clicking on the “Rockin WAVES Blog” tab at the top.

We did this so when you come to the website, instead of searching around for the listen live page, it’ll be the first page you come to and you can click play and enjoy the music.

Also, with people working from home or being laid off, we are seeing an increase in listeners which is awesome! We are also in the process of adding a new show to the Rockin WAVES Lineup! More on that later.

Since the last update, we had a couple of people ask about Rockin WAVES Spring Break. What happened to it? Well, back in late February/early March the COVID-19 Pandemic was just beginning to ramp up here in the US. We decided though to go ahead and proceed with original plans to go ahead and do the Rockin WAVES Spring Break. However, halfway through the month of March is when things really started to hit the fan. Shelter in Place orders were put into place, people were not going anywhere (except home) for Spring Break, and the hotel cams that we were checking in on were empty during the day and night. Plus, no one was listening. So, unfortunately, the decision was made that we quietly end Rockin WAVES Spring Break early this year. Which we did.

Some people have now inquired about the status of SOR2020. Right now, as of this blog post, we really don’t know. Our hope is to still do it but we really do not know. The original date for the SOR launch is May 7th. Which is quickly upon us. We were hoping that numbers for COVID-19 would be on the decline by then but it doesn’t even seem that way. Right now, there is a strong possibility that we will be moving the launch date to Memorial Day Weekend. We will let you know within the next week via social media so be on the lookout!

Also, with the COVID-19 Pandemic, the XFL unfortunately declared bankruptcy and ceased operations. With that, XFL Today also ceased production. We would like to thank the hosts of XFL Today for a job well done and sad that the show will no longer be on the air. Also, AFT Buzz has taken a temporary hiatus as well. We would like to thank our affiliate WON Sports Network for providing us with great sports programming!

That about does it for the update. Thanks to everyone who has been listening throughout everything that has been going on! Hopefully everything will return to normal soon!

Keep on Rockin!

New Decade, New Updates!

I know, I suck at updating often. Anyways, welcome to the new year and the new decade! Some updates to bring you!

We have added a couple of new shows to the lineup since the last update and have moved some shows around on the network. One of the moves is AFT Buzz. Since there is not alot going on in Arena Football right now, we have moved it to Sundays at 1 AM for right now and when the regular Arena Football season starts up again, we will be moving it back to Wednesdays at 4 PM.

Right now, in the Wednesday 4 PM timeslot we have added a new show called XFL Today. Basically, it’s everything XFL. What’s going on, the matchups that are ahead and much more. It’s a great show and we are airing it on Wednesdays at 4 PM and again on Saturdays at 12 PM.

Also, we have discontinued carrying The Doo-Wop Vault due to low listenership. We want to thank Dennis for providing the show each week and wish him luck. In it’s place, we have moved Dan Sweeney’s One Hit Wonders to the timeslot formerly occupied by the Doo-Wop Vault. We now air 2 hours of Dan Sweeney’s show at 7 PM on Sundays.

Well, that about does it for the update. I want to thank everyone who listens to the station and supports us! Enjoy the programming and Keep on Rockin!