Heading toward the holidays and some new shows

Hey everyone!

Talk about a lack of updates! Nearly 2 months have gone by! Well, we have a new show that will be starting on Rockin WAVES on Mondays, he is known as “The Iceman” and he is well known in the country music scene and we are now bringing him to Rockin WAVES! So be sure to tune in on Mondays at 6 PM for Prime Time with The Iceman!

We are heading toward the holidays and many people are wondering if we have any special holiday programming. BOY DO WE!

For Halloween fast approaching, we are currently adding more spooky and halloween songs to the rotation and giving it more airplay.

For Thanksgiving, we don’t usually do any special holiday programming normally because we are usually spending it with friends and family, however, the Sunday before Thanksgiving (November 18th), we may air a couple of Thanksgiving specials on our iVlog channel (chrismaster1 in case yall haven’t checked it out yet) however, it is very tentative right now.

Then there’s our biggest time of year, Christmas. And as many of you may or may not know, we will be changing formats like we do every year to Holiday music. We affectionately call it, The Holiday of Rockin! Well, it is back again this year and with the change in the format means, if you play the station through Windows Media Player, iTunes or some other audio device (other then TuneIn or our other streaming services), then the ID number will change and if you have us saved on your computer, then you will need to get the new ID when we change formats because the ID will no longer work.

Basically, when we change formats, we get listed in a different directory on Shoutcast and we get assigned a new ID number. When we change back to our regular format, we get assigned another new ID number. So, that’s why if you have us saved to your computer so you can listen to us on Windows Media Player or whichever device you prefer, after the format change, you will need to reconfigure it.

Now you may be wondering, when will the change happen? Well, we are looking at the tentative date being November 23rd. Black Friday. However, that date could change so be on the lookout for any changes that may occur.

Then, New Years! December 31st is a Monday this year and New Years Day is a Tuesday (naturally). And, as always, we are planning to do a All Stereo Marathon broadcast that day featuring many different broadcasters and like always, it will be on Rockin WAVES this year. Be on the lookout when it’s closer to time for times and DJ’s that will be taking part in the All Stereo Marathon.

For people that are wondering what is the All Stereo Marathon. Basically, it is a bunch of broadcasters that get together and broadcast through one channel (video is heavily involved) and it is usually an all day event (sometimes we make it stretch to two days). Now we have All Stereo Marathons throughout the year but normally, I usually take the reigns for planning the New Year’s Show. Like I said, we will have a full list of broadcasters and times when we get closer.

Well, that about does it for the update! Thanks to everyone for listening and keep on Rockin!