Derek Stark

Derek Stark

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Hi Everyone
My name is Derek Stark and I have been on Rockin WAVES 11294 since 2015…..or 2014……Awww hell I can’t freaking remember but anyways when I was going to school at American Broadcasting School in their online program I met Chris Master through Billy Painter who both I consider my brothers in arms for life!! Anyways Chris asked if I was interested in taking my show to Rockin WAVES 11294 and being as how I wanted to continue doing online shows I figured why the hell not!! Anyways I enjoy being one of the most different radio shows you’ll ever hear I mean seriously where are you gonna hear independent music along with hits of Today and Yesterday!! I even span almost every Genre there is….Rock, Country, Hip Hop, Rap and even comedy music!! I love making people laugh and hopefully I do that when you listen to my show!! I just wanted to say thank you all to everybody that listens and that I love you all as well!!

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