This week on Rockin WAVES 11294:
Sunday, December 22nd:
7:00 PM – A Charlie Brown Christmas
7:30 PM – It’s Christmastime Again Charlie Brown
8:00 PM – Prince of Peace Christmas Program

Monday, December 23rd:
2:00 PM – Holiday of Rockin 2013
8:00 PM – Prince of Peace Christmas Program

Tuesday, December 24th:
10:40 AM – The Weasel2htm Pre-Show
12:00 PM – The Christmas Marathon Warmup
1:00 PM – The 35 Hour Christmas Music Marathon

Wednesday, December 25th:
ALL DAY – The Christmas Music Marathon

Thursday, December 26th:
1:00 PM – The Top 100 of 1961

Friday, December 27th:
1:00 PM – The Top 100 of 1966

Saturday, December 28th:
1:00 PM – The Top 77 of 1977


Great shows ALL WEEK LONG! It’s on Rockin WAVES 11294!

The Holiday of Rockin 2013!

Hey everyone! December is always a busy time for the Rockin WAVES 11294 Radio Network! Check out the big Christmas Shows that are coming up!

December 24th at 12 PM: Special Rockin WAVES 11294 Christmas Special – Chris will be wishing you a Merry Christmas by bringing you some great Christmas music till 1 PM when……
December 24th at 1 PM: Billy Coore will be doing the what used to be dubbed “impossible” he will be bringing you 35 hours of pure Christmas music! From 1 PM December 24th, till Midnight December 26th, Billy Coore will be bringing you Christmas music to help you have a Rockin Merry Christmas.
December 26th at 1 PM: The Top 100 of 1961
December 27th at 1 PM: The Top 100 of 1966
December 28th at 1 PM: The Top 77 of 1977
December 31st at 3 PM: For the past 5 years we have been bringing in the New Year with you and this year we are making it the sixth year! Rockin WAVES will be bringing in 2014 All over the world and from 11:50 PM till 1:50 AM in a special Simulcast, we will be bringing in 2014 on the All Star Show But don’t worry after we end the simulcast at 1:50 AM, we will still be going for about 40 more minutes. That’s right, we are going till 2:30 AM! So join us all day and most of the night for the 6th Annual Rockin WAVES 11294 New Years Around The World.