I’m proud of announce that I’m an unofficial member of the SDP (Stereo Dust Particles) and I will be doing my first shift on an All Star Show this weekend on August 24, 2013! Be sure and come by DJAaronRadio on VaughnLive to catch all the action! So far from what I know it will be DJAaron on Friday night and then all day Saturday will be a variety (or Plethera for extended vocabulary people) of different peoeple from the SDP and somewhere in there I will be doing my show on the All Star Show so be sure and keep on the lookout here and on the Facebook group for all the info!


Post-Summer of Rockin Schedule!

Well, with less than 2 weeks to go in the Summer of Rockin 2013, figured now is a good time to let yall know of some of the schedule changes that will be made to the schedule AFTER the Summer of Rockin ends. Now, as far as I know, Stewart, The Flying Scotsman, Dr. Johnny Lovetrain, and Yellow will all still be at the same time and day but some of my shows will be going bye bye with the end of Summer. Here we go!

5 PM Eastern/10 PM UK Time – The Flying Scotsman Show


7 PM – Billy Coore’s Classics
9 PM – Yellow and Sasquach Overnight

1 PM – The Midweek Survey Show (EDITOR’S NOTE: Decided that since The Midweek Survey Show was one of the more popular shows this season, we decided to give it a permanent place on the schedule)

7 PM – Dr. Johnny’s Wayback Machine

1 PM – The Chris Rogers Friday Show


As you can see, instead of me doing 6 shows a week, I basically cut out half of my shows and doing only 3 a week. Along with the other DJ’s doing their shows. Also, the schedule is tentative because we will be changing some things around as the time gets closer. Also, we only have a few months to go until The Holiday of Rockin! So, stay tuned!


This Tuesday, we will see the return of Billy Coore’s Classics! At 7 PM Eastern Time! Also, this week, we will see the return of Drawing The Weekend To A Close DURING THE WEEK! The Flying Scotsman will be live at some point this week so be sure and stay tuned to chrismaster1 on YouTube for all the updates! We hope to see you this next week on Rockin WAVES 11294!