Finally a new post!

Well, quite a few things have changed since the last post and I figured it’s finally time I bring yall up to date!

FIRST: There have been people that have been trying to spread rumors about myself and the station, and I’m talking some pretty messed up crap about Rockin WAVES. Let me just say right now, that those rumors are NOT true. We are not leaving the air, we are not taking down the website and we are not canceling shows left and right. In fact, we are adding shows and more programming!

Since the last update, we have decided to expand programming on the weekends and I am pleased to announce that on the weekends, we are going nonstop! That’s right, after FNR Friday night/Saturday morning, when we usually signoff at 1 AM, we will instead continue on with music until 11 AM when Mike Ward will take over and provide entertainment and music, and then at 2 PM we will pick up right where Mike left off and provide more music and fun through the rest of the day and into the night and continue the fun on into Sunday.

So whenever you need music for your weekend, make Rockin WAVES 11294 Your Weekend Station!

Now onto other business.

Lately, I have been getting reports of people trying to Streamrip the Rockin WAVES Audio Only stream. For those who are wondering what Streamripping is, that is when someone rebroadcasts our station without our permission.

Let me just say, any re-transmission of ANY content on Rockin WAVES is strictly forbidden without the consent of both Rockin WAVES and the owners of the content. If you are caught (and you will be) streamripping Rockin WAVES, you will be IP Banned from the Rockin WAVES Audio only and you won’t be able to either re-stream us or listen in. I’ve had to do that a couple of times already so, don’t join the list.

I mean, seriously, if you have the technology to stream audio online, then it’s basically nothing to load up music, and play it from your own source. If you are too lazy to even do that, then you shouldn’t even be allowed to stream at all.

Anyways, that’s my little rant and update for now. Thanks to everyone who has been listening and we have even more great things to come! We are about to be heading into the holiday season and I got some big plans for the Holiday of Rockin’ 2017 that will be awesome! Be sure to keep tuned in! And in the mean time…

Keep on Rockin!