WOW! Well, in the past week we have had our server go down, change URL’s twice and pages have changed! WOW. Amazing what can happen right? Well, now we hope to have all the bugs worked out so let’s see how it goes! Right now, if you type in it will automatically redirect you to our Justin.TV page, we are working on getting that fixed as of this blog posting and we will post in the Facebook group when is back up. Also, if you noticed the Ustream Chat and Vaughnlive Feed pages have been changed around. Well, since we no longer use Ustream we decided no sense in keeping the page “Ustream feed” since we no longer use Ustream and converted it into the Vaughnlive Feed BUT we have kept the Ustream chat room. This way you don’t have to sign up for a Vaughnlive account if you don’t want to and just chat with us via the ustream chat. Also, we have a new page up! We have recycled the old Vaughnlive page and turned it into a Justin TV page! With some cool stuff on it! We now have 2 chat rooms on that page this way you can chat with us on the Justin TV chat or the Ustream chat so whichever feed you go with, you will ALWAYS be in the discussion 🙂 Well that’s about all for right now. Keep on rockin everyone and Hope you are enjoying the Summer of Rockin!