FINALLY A new post!

Well, well, well, been a bit hasn’t it? (Like 14 months). Sorry it’s taken this long folks. With work and everything, it gets busy around here. Not much to update on except we want to welcome back The Charles Richardson Show back to our airwaves!

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Also, the website will be undergoing an overhaul soon. Not sure the timeframe yet but if you come to the site and it’s down, that’s why. We are going to be doing some updates to the site to make it more durable and less prone to outages. Again, not sure about the timeframe but we will try to let you know via our social media pages.

Really, the Rockin WAVES FB is the best place to get website updates and schedule updates as they happen. If you aren’t following us yet, click here.

Also, if you noticed when you click contact us and it takes you to a page that also has a link for guidelines for music submission or show submission, if you are looking to submit a show or song for airplay at Rockin WAVES, please take some time and read the guidelines. And, I mention it on the guidelines page but I’ll also mention it here, if it takes a while for us to play your song, please know, we got ALOT of music in each week and it takes us some time to play each song. Right now, the wait list is about 3 months. HOWEVER, if it’s a time sensitive song (e.g. Christmas, Halloween) then we will “fast track” it and play it as soon as we can. Just give us some time. We will also do our best to let you know when we will be playing your song.

That about does it for right now. We are heading into the holidays so as you know, it gets busy around here. Thanks for listening, and as always, KEEP ON ROCKIN!


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