What A Summer!

We are 49 days into the Summer of Rockin and so far it is looking awesome! Thanks to everyone who has come by so far! Finally got a new computer so things will go alot smoother now and will actually have a visual feed now 🙂 Also, Randy Carsten from Car Tunes with Randy will be making his return tonight to Rockin WAVES 11294 to do a late night show with me and we will be broadcasting on Ustream while Hank and Jim are simulcasting on VaughnLive and so 2 great shows going on at the same time so double the pleasure! DOUBLE THE FUN! Hank and Jim’s show starts at 9 PM tonight and then myself and Randy will start our show at 10:20 PM Eastern! Don’t miss it! Also, one other thing, next week, I won’t be doing a show at all that week due to me taking a much needed vacation 🙂 So we might be having people fillin for me during my absence so be sure and keep tuned in! Keep on Rockin everyone!


General Update

Hey everyone! WOW! Who knew that the Summer of Rockin 2013 would be like this! Thanks to everyone who has come by the shows and have been supporting us thus far! It really means a lot! We now have a new section on our site called “Feedback Survey,” we’ve been wondering what you guys think of the shows, DJ’s, and other things in general and so all you have to do is answer the questions and it’s totally anonymous.

In other news, the main Rockin WAVES studios is getting a MAJOR overhaul in the next few days. Our new computer is in! It’s currently getting set up as we speak and we hope to have it completed and on the air after the weekend! Let me just say, I’m excited as heck right now and I know, Rockin WAVES will continue to thrive with the new system and everything.

Well, that does it for the update, time to get back to work on this Friday night. Thanks again everyone and continue to support Rockin WAVES 11294! Your Official Summer Music Station!