Show Schedule Updates (And Other General Stuff)

Happy April everyone! Well, what a wild past 4 weeks it has been! I guess I should start with some of the obvious questions, I GOT MY COMPUTER BACK! That’s right finally got it back this past weekend and I have been friviously working to get the Audio only feed back up and running and I am happy to say that aside from a couple of bugs I still need to fix with some of the scripts, the audio only feed is ready to go and I am looking at tentatively relaunching it this coming weekend (April 18th) if all goes according to plan.

Also, I am happy to announce that the Flagship Show is returning this weekend and for the next 4 weeks, to make up for not being able to do the Flagship, I will be EXTENDING the show to 6 hours for the next four weeks! Start time will be 12 PM Eastern and will go until around 6 PM Eastern.

Couple of other things going on:
Yes it’s that time again to start planning the SOR2015! I know that last year wasn’t like previous SOR’s and I apologize. This year, the shows will be changing a little (not much but a little) some of those changes include:

Chris After Dark – The Chris After Dark show will be taking the summer off. I know shocker right? The main reason for that is because I noticed by going back through some of the past shows, that while I like the Chris After Dark name, I would kind of like to have a dedicated name for the Summer shows and the other time of the year shows. So, Chris After Dark will be taking the summer off and instead we’ll be bringing back NIGHTS ON THE BEACH which will sort of be like Chris After Dark just a different name and maybe a couple of other different features as well.

The Flagship Chris Rogers Show – The Flagship show will relatively remain the same except we will be adding a 4th hour to it and will be starting at 1 PM Eastern instead of at 2 PM.

Launch date, hmm, how about we start this party, Saturday, May 16th? Sound good? Awesome!

So, barring any changes, the beach will REOPEN on May 16th at 1 PM in a special all day kickoff celebration!

Well, that will just about do it for right now. Thanks to everyone for hanging in there! It’s greatly appreciated! Keep with us as we get everything back in order and working again and as always, KEEP ON ROCKIN!