Where does the 11294 come from?

Alright, out of all the questions I get about Rockin WAVES, the #1 question I get asked most often is “What does the 11294 mean?”

Alot of times, I tell people to just guess. And the responses I get are pretty amusing at times. Some people think it’s my birthdate (11-2-94) which that ain’t it. (Mine is about 5 years and a few months earlier). One person thought that it was a zip code for something, which that isn’t it either. One person even thought I just closed my eyes and typed 5 random numbers on a keyboard which if I did it we would’ve been called “Rockin WAVES 36548”

The origin of 11294 goes back a long ways to our beginning.

Back when I launched Rockin WAVES, we were streaming on a site called UBroadcast which was a audio streaming service where independent broadcasters could have their own online radio station. Unfortunately, you had to not only download streaming software from their site (it was a custom encoder program that could only be used for Ubroadcast) but you also had to download a special player just to listen to the stations on there. Sadly, the site didn’t work and today in 2019, the site is no longer online. It closed I want to say about 4 years ago but I could be wrong.

Anyway, on with the story. Each station on Ubroadcast gets a station number. The station number is what you would type into the Ubroadcast player to find the station. The station number we had was “11294”. We started using that in some of our branding to help people find the station and when we moved from Ubroadcast to BlogTV, we decided to keep 11294 in the station name.

So there you go, that’s the story of how over the years, 11294 has remained significant with Rockin WAVES and how even to this day, we still pay homage to the site that allowed me to start living a dream by saying “Rockin WAVES 11294”.

Later on, I’ll give a little history on some of the sites we have used throughout the years. They have been numerous.