Heading into February

And we are continuing to truck along! We have a new DJ on The Rockin WAVES 11294 Radio Network. He also runs Star Radio his name is Charlie and he also has been gracious to simulcast my shows on his station as well which I greatly appreciate. He does his Rockin WAVES show every Tuesday from 3 to 6 PM and will be starting a Friday show that will be after mine so be sure to tune in! Also, in case yall didn’t know, I’m not only part of the SDP Network but I am also part of Stereo DJ Productions (otherwise known as SDJP) which is sort of like the same thing just a different name. We also do All Stereo Marathons (which is like the All Star Show just a different name) and we will be doing our 2nd ever All Stereo Marathon on February 8th and it will be streamed on our Uvlog site but we will also have the Ustream chatroom open just in case yall would like to use Ustream chat instead. Also, it’s very early in the planning stages, but, me and weasel2htm are both planning on putting together an All Star Show for President’s Day weekend. More details on that to come later.

Anyways, that’s about all I can think of for right now. Be sure and check us out on Uvlog where we are nearing 20,000 views! And be sure to check out the other pages of the website. We will see you around! Keep on Rockin folks!


Happy New Year!!

I know I’m about a week late. Oh well. Well, we had a very successful New Year’s show. Even though Uvlog was derping half the time. We made do on Justin 🙂 But anyway, currently, we are testing simulcasting on multiple sites and so far, it’s working fairly well. Anyways, next thing to plan, the 6 Year Anniversary Show!! Stay tuned for updates! That’s all for now!