Some Updates and a couple of MAJOR announcements

Well, since I last posted, we inaugurated a new President, we lost a couple of legends and we added a show here on Rockin WAVES and we have another major announcement to follow as well! Let’s get started 🙂

I’m pleased to announce that we have added a new show to the Audio Only lineup. Every Friday now from 9 to 10 PM, 2 new DJ’s will be hosting a show called The Lit Show where they will basically be chatting along with playing music for yall to rock out to. It’s hosted by Abbey and Hunter, and they are now the 2 youngest DJ’s of the Rockin WAVES Team. Be sure to listen in and tell them Hello and be sure to visit their Facebook page and give it a like!

Now, some other news. Let me just say, ever since we signed on, on March 26, 2008, the main reason why we have stayed on the air since then, is because of YOU the listeners. Without YOU, this radio station would not be on the air today and it’s because of YOU that you have our forever thanks. When I first started this radio station, I could never have imagined having the amount of success that we have today and have DJ’s, live shows, our own website, an audio stream, our own request line (tune in to the live shows to hear about that), it’s just been a heck of a lot of fun. I don’t see the fun times ending anytime soon (I’m pretty sure I can hear the relief in your voices now). But, if you take a look at the date, you are probably saying, “Hey, dummy! You have a big anniversary coming up!” Yes, Yes, I know I see it. I’ve been planning this for only the past 2 years!

That’s right folks, we are coming up on our 9th anniversary, and about to enter our 10th year on the air! And we have some major plans in store.

FIRST The Summer of Rockin.
The 10th Annual Summer of Rockin’ Kickoff will take place Memorial Day Weekend (May 27th hopefully) at 2 PM where we will have a big kickoff celebration with lots of fun, excitement, and of course, music. That will be followed by a lot of shows this summer (more than just the traditional CAD, FNR, and Flagship) we will be having MORE SHOWS with yours truly and a summer you won’t forget! It’s the 10th Annual Summer of Rockin’!

SECOND The Holiday of Rockin.
The 10th Annual Holiday of Rockin’ Kickoff will take place November 18th at 2 PM. Now that date will not be the day we go Wall-To-Wall Christmas Music. But we will start bringing Holiday music into our systems and then either November 23rd or December 1st (or sometime in between) we will flip the switch and go all Christmas music until December 26th. Be sure to tune in for that!

THIRD (and something I’ve been hounded about for about 5 years now): Rockin WAVES T-Shirts.
I said on a couple of live streams on Facebook (which are sporadic and unpredictable) that I hope to have Rockin WAVES T-shirts available on the 10th anniversary. I am hoping that we will have t-shirts by the end of this year but I’m not making any promises. I’ve had offers from people saying that they can host a store and sell merchandise and while, yeah, that would make some people happy, it WOULD NOT make me happy. I want to bring you guys QUALITY t-shirts and merchandise that will last a while and not peel off after a couple of years. I’m actually looking right now at a couple of companies that are in town at prices to make t-shirts and will have more information as the time draws near on when t-shirts and if t-shirts will be available. I already got a design down, I just gotta get bids on it. These things take time and I would like to have these shirts last a while. If worse comes to it, I’ll do the shirts by sharpie if I have to.

But, if we do get t-shirts, please know that it will go as follows: DJ’s will get their t-shirts first (Free of course), and then, I’ll be keeping a few back for possible giveaways (finally prizes), and then, I will make them available for purchase. But know that it will be a limited edition t-shirt and it may take a bit for me to ship, because, if I buy the shirts and then ship them to you, it will be coming from my own pocket and I won’t be able to ship overseas (sorry UK and other overseas listeners).

AGAIN, I want to make this clear, THERE ARE NO T-SHIRTS YET, but hopefully, soon, there MIGHT BE. Just don’t start hounding me about, “did you get the t-shirts yet? did you get the t-shirts yet?” All that will do is, me, going to the block button, clicking it, and that be that.

FINALLY, the 10 Year Anniversary.
Yes, I’ve already started planning it. Our 10th Year on the air. Unbelievable! Just a couple of weeks ago, I was talking about it with some people, my mom overheard and said, “You’ve been doing this for 10 years?” I said, “I know! Unbelievable!” It is unbelievable because I never dreamed we would be where we are today! Now, while we are planning a celebration show for March 26th to celebrate 9 years, the very next day (March 27th), we are planning to kickoff our 10th year on the air with the big 10 Years of Rockin’ Kickoff (with the time TBA). It will be a wild day of remembering, fun, music that we’ve played in the past, and so much more. The Skype Party Line will be brought back for the day, and a few other surprises as well. Hope you will tune in and keep watching for the time of the celebration. It’s sure to be a fun time.

Well, whew. That about does it for the update, I can’t wait to see what this year holds, remember, the Lit Show every Friday from 9-10 PM Eastern, and the 10 Years of Rockin’ Kickoff happening March 27th (TIME TBA).

Thanks for listening! And as always,

Keep on Rockin’!