Changes To The Website – 4/28/20

Alright, well, after some consideration and thought, we have changed the front page around so when you first come to the Rockin WAVES website, you’ll go directly to the Listen Live page instead of the Blog. You will still be able to access the blog by clicking on the “Rockin WAVES Blog” tab at the top.

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We did this so when you come to the website, instead of searching around for the listen live page, it’ll be the first page you come to and you can click play and enjoy the music.

Also, with people working from home or being laid off, we are seeing an increase in listeners which is awesome! We are also in the process of adding a new show to the Rockin WAVES Lineup! More on that later.

Since the last update, we had a couple of people ask about Rockin WAVES Spring Break. What happened to it? Well, back in late February/early March the COVID-19 Pandemic was just beginning to ramp up here in the US. We decided though to go ahead and proceed with original plans to go ahead and do the Rockin WAVES Spring Break. However, halfway through the month of March is when things really started to hit the fan. Shelter in Place orders were put into place, people were not going anywhere (except home) for Spring Break, and the hotel cams that we were checking in on were empty during the day and night. Plus, no one was listening. So, unfortunately, the decision was made that we quietly end Rockin WAVES Spring Break early this year. Which we did.

Some people have now inquired about the status of SOR2020. Right now, as of this blog post, we really don’t know. Our hope is to still do it but we really do not know. The original date for the SOR launch is May 7th. Which is quickly upon us. We were hoping that numbers for COVID-19 would be on the decline by then but it doesn’t even seem that way. Right now, there is a strong possibility that we will be moving the launch date to Memorial Day Weekend. We will let you know within the next week via social media so be on the lookout!

Also, with the COVID-19 Pandemic, the XFL unfortunately declared bankruptcy and ceased operations. With that, XFL Today also ceased production. We would like to thank the hosts of XFL Today for a job well done and sad that the show will no longer be on the air. Also, AFT Buzz has taken a temporary hiatus as well. We would like to thank our affiliate WON Sports Network for providing us with great sports programming!

That about does it for the update. Thanks to everyone who has been listening throughout everything that has been going on! Hopefully everything will return to normal soon!

Keep on Rockin!

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