New Shows and Schedule Updates!

Hey everyone! What a past couple of months! It’s been busy in the past couple of months which is why there has been no update really to the website.

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However, I am pleased to announce a few things that have come to Rockin WAVES that I think you will enjoy!

First, we have partnered up with a brand new radio station called Lime City Radio Network and have basically become like partner stations. We will be promoting them as well as them promoting us so be sure to check them out! They play some of the same music we play!

Next, we have a couple of NEW SHOWS being added to the Rockin WAVES Lineup! We are moving AFT Buzz to Wednesday before The Locked and Loaded Radio Show as we feel it will be a better fit for the show. So be sure to listen in to AFT Buzz on Wednesdays at 4 PM starting November 13th.

Now in the slot that was formerly occupied by AFT Buzz, we are picking up Dan Sweeney’s One Hit Wonders! This show has been syndicated to a lot of radio stations already and Rockin WAVES is now added to the list! We will be airing his show on Tuesdays at 5 PM starting November 12th.

Now immediately following Dan’s show, we are expanding the 60s Superhighway on Tuesday. We will now be airing it for 2 hours on both Monday and Tuesday. Monday’s start time is still the same, but on Tuesday, we are moving it an hour and expanding it to 2 hours so from 6-8 you’ll hear great 60s music starting November 11th.

Finally, on Fridays, immediately before Cranked Up Country, we will be airing another country show that will be counting down the Top 15 songs from Australian country artists! It’s called My Country Australia hosted by Pete Matthewman. We will be airing his show starting on Friday, November 15th at 3 PM!

Well, that about does it for the updates. Be sure to stay tuned for updates about the Holiday of Rockin’ which is right around the corner. Got some cool things in store for the holiday season! As always, thanks for listening and keep on Rockin!

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