New Shows and More!

Wow! We are two and a half months into the new year and already, this is proving to be a bigger year than the last! We have two shows added to the schedule and one is a show that you know a lot about already but the other show we are adding to our Time Machine lineup and there are quite a few changes and updates that I will get into in this post.

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We have added The Renegade Show to our weekly lineup every Wednesday at 2 PM! The old FNR show that you remember is back, reworked and better then ever! 2 great hours of fun and music with The Renegade Show!

Starting February 28th, we will be airing a show from a guy named DJ Mike called The Retro Show. Each week, DJ Mike will be playing songs from the 80s and 90s for 2 hours each Sunday and Monday. Sundays he will be on at 4 PM and then again Monday at 7 PM. Hope you tune in for it!

With all the Retro/Time Machine shows on Rockin WAVES on Sundays, we have decided to make it a special block called The Rockin WAVES 11294 Time Machine Sundays. Each Sunday, you get your fill of nostalgia and great music as well!

We have switched server hosts for the website and Audio only. This change was needed because of a few things we wanted to try with the site and audio only and we couldn’t with the current server host.

If you noticed when you listened to the audio only, you haven’t heard The Beach Boys, The Beatles, ZZ Top and you have been hearing some of the same songs over and over. Well, we are aware of that. The reason for that is because we are re-cataloging (if that’s even a word) our music library so I know that sometimes the songs can be a little repetitive but trust me, in the long run, it will be much better and better sounding and have a more variety of music.

Well, that about does it for this update. Thanks to everyone who has been bearing with us and keep on rockin folks!

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