Some new things and other general updates

Well, we now have a feature on our website where you can post a link for our website to your Facebook from the website! Where before you could just “like” the site, you can now share and post to your heart’s content. Also for you “Twitterers” we are working on getting a Twitter thing as well.

We are tweaking things here and there so we greatly thank all of you for bearing with us as we keep making adjustments to make the site better.

By the way, as I mentioned on the Facebook group, I said this past weekend that my Dad was going to be live on the station to do diagnostics to determine what kind of computer I will need and he did and so we now know a general idea of what to get and what to look for. Now comes the task of looking and selecting it.

Also, in other Rockin WAVES news, we currently have a couple of DJ’s that are on standby kind of. One who has already done a show (Colby) and right now we are just now working on getting him a permanent day and time that’s suitable for him so expect Colby to come full time (hopefully) soon to The Rockin WAVES 11294 Radio Network.

Another DJ that we have on standby is a guy named James. We are currently awaiting his demo so we can find out what he sounds like. So hopefully, we will have him on the air soon with us on Rockin WAVES.

Well, that just about does it for the update. Be sure and keep checking back for more updates!

Keep on Rockin everyone!

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