What A Summer!

We are 49 days into the Summer of Rockin and so far it is looking awesome! Thanks to everyone who has come by so far! Finally got a new computer so things will go alot smoother now and will actually have a visual feed now 🙂 Also, Randy Carsten from Car Tunes with Randy will be making his return tonight to Rockin WAVES 11294 to do a late night show with me and we will be broadcasting on Ustream while Hank and Jim are simulcasting on VaughnLive and so 2 great shows going on at the same time so double the pleasure! DOUBLE THE FUN! Hank and Jim’s show starts at 9 PM tonight and then myself and Randy will start our show at 10:20 PM Eastern! Don’t miss it! Also, one other thing, next week, I won’t be doing a show at all that week due to me taking a much needed vacation 🙂 So we might be having people fillin for me during my absence so be sure and keep tuned in! Keep on Rockin everyone!


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